Thursday, November 9, 2017

Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee

Of course as soon as I made the decision to start this blog, trials and tribulations increased to fill my mind and my time with the kind of things that siphon hope. But I'm determined, and one great joy each day has been listening to past General Conference talks to glean wisdom and strength. In April 2004, Elder McMullin of the Presiding Bishopric gave a talk entitled, "Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee". In it, he shared the following sentiment: 

Jesus, the very thought of Thee fills my heart with inexpressible joy. It controls every part of my being. My life, y loves, my ambitions are molded, enlivened, and given purpose because I know that Thou art the Christ, the Holy One. 

This testimony put words to a feeling I have long had, which is that following Christ is a whole-life endeavor--not just the duration of my years, but also the full breadth of all I do. 

I'm a wife. Do I sustain my husband in his Priesthood callings?
I'm a mother. Am I raising my children up to be disciples of Christ?
I'm a writer. Do my words edify and inspire?
I'm a teacher. Do I empower others to access the divine qualities within themselves, whether or not they know God?
I'm a martial artist. Do I practice my sport in a culture of peace?
I'm a singer. Does my voice lift praise to Heaven?
I'm a neighbor, and a carpool driver, and a shopper, and a pet owner. Does everything I do reflect the One who means everything to me?

When I do let my Savior's light shine in my life, I do feel that peace and comfort. An abiding happiness overrules the nagging concerns of the day, and I understand better how all things fit into a larger, much wiser plan.

In what ways does your faith influence your daily actions--and thereby your daily sense of connection to God?

photo credit: Barrie Christian Fellowship
Click here to listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing "Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee". 

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