Sunday, October 29, 2017

Remember #Ponderize?

At Church today, one of the teachers reminded us about Elder Devin G. Durrant's challenge a couple of years ago to "ponderize". The idea was to select a verse a week upon which we would mediate and strive to memorize, emphasis on the pondering part. As the teacher spoke, I pulled up the tags in my Gospel Library app to see which verses I had marked way back when that all started ... because it was a trendy thing for a while, and then faded. 

10. I had stopped after 10 verses. Gaaaak! The goal was supposed to last a lifetime, with each person acquiring 52 new verses a year to strengthen their testimonies and resolve to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

So, I'll be repenting on my slackardness and starting the #ponderize thing again. This week, I have chosen Alma 37:6 to remind myself that doing simple, seemingly insignificant things like focusing on a verse a week will lead to greater spiritual strength down the road. I know they add up, like protective tiles on a roof keeping out the rain, or scales on a dragon's hide. Now, more than ever before, I need the strength that immersing myself in scripture study and pondering the truths contained therein brings.

Did you do ever participate in the #Ponderize movement?

What's your verse this week?

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