Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Miracles Happen

... And ten days have passed since the last post because, like many of you, I sometimes struggle to find the hope when inundated with busy-ness and an onslaught of new crises, big or small. However, this last Sunday, I had the opportunity to visit the Siempreverde (Evergreen) Ward and teach a lesson in the Relief Society class. Our text came from an address made by Elder Soares in April's General Conference, and at one point, we dissected the following quote:

"Faith is the source of living with divine purpose and eternal perspective. Faith is a practical principle that inspires diligence. It is a vital, living force manifest in our positive attitude and desire to willingly do everything that God and Jesus Christ ask of us. It takes us to our knees to implore the Lord for guidance and to arise and act with confidence to achieve things consistent with His will."

As a class, we determined that joy and hope are always before us because of the glorious and infinite implications of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, but sometimes we don't see them because we have narrowed our focus onto our problems. Problems that God can totally handle. Problems that He has power to help us overcome or remove. It doesn't make sense on paper. How could something that happened almost 2000 years ago in a garden and on a cross in a country far, far away have anything to do with me and my troubles today? 
photo credit: Family Radio 316

Por falta de fe--for lack of faith--we sometimes keep our eyes fixed on the things which would bring us down spiritually, emotionally, even physically. We can't see what the Savior has placed before us, or what He has removed that obstructed our way. But when we can readjust our vision and see with the eyes of faith, we can know something better lies ahead. It's not only the unimaginable concept of life after death where the "better" comes. God makes things better in this life through compensatory blessings and enhanced personal growth. 

The divine truth is that when we trust that what happened in Gethsemane and Golgotha and the garden tomb unlocked the redeeming powers of heaven for our good, then we can begin to gain access to that power, and miracles happen, both around us and within our very hearts.

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